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Computational Photography Course Projects

These are my projects from CS 180, a class taught by Alexei (Alyosha) Efros and Angjoo Kanazawa. The class focuses on computing with visual data, which includes the image processing, computer vision, computational photography, and the use of convolutional neural networks.

Disney Datathon Disney Bundle

Fan Favorite project as an intern team at Disney Streaming among 30 full time teams. We created a cross-platform 1-day “Stream-Hopper”, a play on the infamous Park Hopper, to increase conversion. We used collaborative filtering and lookalike modeling to create recommendation system across Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+.

UC Berkeley CalHacks 8.0 App

Created a geolocation-based social media app called “Bump!” to promote community among Gen Z/Millennials to show people who may be nearby to say hi, eat with, grab a coffee, or hang out. We used React Native, Node.js, MongoDB to build interactive mapping, geolocation tracking, and instant messaging functionality.

More to come! :)